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Dear friends,

The only answer to the huge worldwide Global Burden of Disease of Brain Disorders is harnessing cutting-edge Neurotechnology to provide e-medicine solutions, for all levels of health care, for all countries. Unfortunately, as diagnosed by WHO, there is insufficient translational research in this area with an unsurmountable gap between advanced neuroscience research and primary health care. This is a niche of opportunity with great social, medical, and economical potential. UESTC, CNEURO and their allies are uniquely positioned to combine their efforts to carry out the required translation from frontier research to health solutions. The new field of Neuroinformation was introduced by UESTC. CNEURO was one of the pioneering groups in Neurotechnology with results that have already changed population health indicators in several countries. The full benefits of their already firm alliance will be possible with the creation of a Joint China-Cuba Laboratory for Frontier Translational Neurotechnology that will guarantee a long-term integration of both groups to accelerate their work. The Laboratory will develop new technologies for the early diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation of the most widespread neurological and psychiatric disorders such as depression, dementia, and learning disabilities. Moreover it will be responsible for the proof of principle and clinical trials that will ensure early social and market introduction. Initial projects will accelerate current work by both groups in new neuro-active molecules, brain-computer interfaces, real time EEG/fMRI neurofeedback, neuromodulators and neurostimulators, kinematics and neurorobotics. These results will be integrated with ICT solutions to ensure widespread deployment.

      We are inviting our friends and colleagues around the world to joint us in this endeavour and to be part of this exciting project.




Pedro A. Valdes Sosa


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