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Ally Ngulugulu, Master


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Daylín Góngora Lleonart, MSc - PhD Student


Daylín got her  PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the Joint China-Cuba Lab in 2019; Currently she is working in Cuban Center of Neuroscience as a researcher. Her research interests include cognitive neurocience, voice and face processing and brain connectivity. 

Yanbo Guo (Aimee) - MSc Student


Aimee received MSc in 2019 in the Joint China-Cuba Lab, now is working in Beijing as a programmer. 

Chao Chen - MSc Student and Technical Assistant


Chen received his MSc in 2017 in the Joint China-Cuba Lab, currently working in chengdu as programmer and leader 

Qi Yuan (Felix) - MSc Student


Felix received his Msc in 2019 in the Joint China-Cuba Lab, currently working as programmer

Fidele Nzamukiza - MSc Student


Fidele received his Msc  in 2018 at the Joint China-Cuba Lab. after graduation, he worked first as Medicual equipment sales manager, and later created his own international company. 

Zhenfeng Han (Will) - MSc Student


Will received his MSc in 2019 at the Joint China-Cuba Lab, currently he works in Huawei company as a sales manager.

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