Ongoing efforts


          Obviously, the between our centers can complement each other in NeuroInformation processing and rehabilitation mechanism research. The collaboration between us must be powerful. Professor Pedro Valdés-Sosa in the Center is the leader of the oversea team in our intellectual introduction base (Project 111). On the other hand, UESTC has two more foreign “1000” talents professors, Benjamin Becker and Keith Kendrick, who are developing, together with Mitchell and Pedro Valdes, the international collaboration between University of Maastricht, Netherlands and University of Bonn, Germany, in real time neurofeedback to modify brain altered circuits in depression and other disorders.


          We have already established close collaborative relations in neuroscience research methods and brain mechanism research, jointly published 6 papers (4 in 2014) in international peer reviewed journals, and exchange scholars. Professor Mitchell Valdes-Sosa (chief of the Center) visited us in the 2012 signed an understanding memorandum with UESTC and showed active attitude in cooperation with us on Neurofeedback for child learning development and other applications. These lay a solid foundation for the present laboratory. 


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