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We are seeking for Postdoctoral Researchers!


The postdoctoral researchers will join the projects i) to develop computational methods to examine network-level structural and functional brain connectivity to shed light on the neurobiological mechanism of disease, paving the way for early detection and intervention; ii) to develop new mathematical and statistical techniques for processing neurofeedback in real time using fMRI and EEG and further application in clinical setting to modify altered brain circuits. Particularly, our research focuses on


  • Mathematical modeling of effective connectivity by using data driven approaches (Tensor Methods as well as Bayesian Wiener-Akaike-Granger-Schweder Causality)

  • The development of neural mass and neural field based models integrated with state space methods for model inversion.

  • Novel EEG/MEG  source localization with emphasis on the biophysical origins of these phenomena

  • New acquisition methods for fMRI and simultaneous EEG/fMRI recording and multimodal fusion including EEG fingerprinting of fMRI neurofeedback techniques.

  • Development of scalable and efficient algorithms/methods to run on HPC cluster for Big Data processing

  • Creation of and interaction with large scale population neuroimaging databases of normal and pathological subjects.

  • The development of inexpensive systems based on wearable devices for Brain Body Imaging for population based management of cognitive aging and the dementias


A particular approach is to examine usually accepted assumptions and methods and see if they need radical transformations thus leading to innovative new techniques and knowledge (“myth busting”).


Candidates are also expected to take part in mentoring the students and organize workshops. The positions will start immediately as the candidates are accepted, usually for two-year which can be negotiable. Opportunities to work with an excellent network of domestic and international scientists and doctors. Salary will be 10.000 RMB (per month, less 8% of taxes) plus monthly and yearly bonus from the research projects. Travel tickets will be covered annually by the UESTC. Postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to present their work in international conferences yearly in which all expenses will be covered by the lab. Free accommodation in the apartment of university buildings, equipped with electrodomestic tools and furniture will be provided.




Candidates must have a strong background in computational neuroscience and/or mathematical modeling and have at least one first authored publication in relevant subjects. They must have obtained or about to obtain a PhD from Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or a related field with research interests in neuroinformatics, cognitive neuroscience and/or multimodal neuroimaging. Experience with MRI, fMRI and EEG processing is preferred.  


UESTC and the lab offer internationally competitive salaries.




To apply, send a cover letter, a resume, and a letter of recommendation from a former advisor or head of department to our contact email:


Contact Information 


Wendy Dong  

School of Life Science and Technology

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 

Qingshuihe Campus, Chengdu, Sichuan  

Phone: +86 117380658702


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