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The Chang Jiang Scholar Program


一、Eligibility for distinguished professors

A doctorate degree is generally required.For those working on natural sciences and Engineering Sciences, the applicant is supposed to be under 45. For those working on humanities and social sciences, they are supposed to be no more than 55 years old. 

Our offers: The distinguished professor is offered 200,000 RMB a year by the central budget in the five-year term.Annual salary can be offered by our university. Facilities and funds for the relevant research work are provided. Support will be offered for distinguished professors to establish academic team, to promote academic development and academic echelon building. The Ministry of Education’s "Program for Innovative Research Team in University" focuses on the academic team led by Chang Jiang Scholars, and priority will be given to academic team led by Chang Jiang Scholars from universities in Mid-western China .

二、Eligibility for visiting professors

The applicant must be actively engaged in teaching and researching at a distinguished foreign university. The applicant is supposed to have full professorship (or equivalent position). The applicant is supposed to have academic achievements well recognized in the field all over the world. The applicant needs to work over two months each year at UESTC. 

Our offers: The allowance for visiting professor from the central budget is 30,000 Yuan per month in the 3-year term, based on the actual number of months of employment.Monthly salary is offered by the university.Facilities and funds for the relevant research work are provided, based on the actual needs.


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