New brain mapping project

Coordination Meeting of the Cuba-Canada-China (CCC) Project for Brain Mapping and Neuroinformatics

Cuba, China and Canada will join forces to develop a joint brain mapping project, a joint initiative during a recent meeting on the topic held at the Center for Neuroscience of Cuba (Cneuro).

As Dr. Pedro Valdés Sosa, coordinator of the Cuban Brain Mapping Project, which was launched more than a decade ago.Within the agreements adopted, the three countries agreed to promote research related to the early detection and management of pathological aging of the brain, in addition to establishing an academic exchange program that facilitates this purpose.

One of the most prominent results of the event, attended by Ms. Christine ST-Pierre, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Quebec and Xiuping Liu, representative of the Chinese National Science Foundation, and Maryse Lassonde, Director of the Research Fund Of Québec and president of the Royal Academy of Canada, is that each nation pledged to provide certain funding to support the execution of joint investigations planned over the next three years.

This will be assumed by the Science Fund of Quebec, the National China National Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, through the Fund for Science and Technological Innovation (Fonci).

During the meeting, the website of the project was launched in Spanish, English, French and Chinese, to be completed in the coming weeks, while video conferencing by scientists from the Chinese laboratory in Chengdu, linked to studies on the brain in The Asian nation, were able to exchange with the participants in the meeting.

Brain Mapping projects emerged worldwide in the 1990s and in general seek to investigate in detail the structure and functions of the human brain through advanced neuroimaging teams.

Global Brain Consortium (GBC) is an international network that will coordinate the efforts of the global Brain Projects and other organizations, such as the World Health Organization, in order to promote Global Precision Brain Health. The GBC will be supported by a generous endowment from the Irving Ludmer Foundation. Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa MD, PhD, DsC, Coordinator of the Cuban Brain Mapping Project and Director of the Joint China Cuba Laboratory of Neurotechnology of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, will work as co-Principal Investigator of the GBC and a member of the GBC Steering Committee


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