Controversies in EEG source analysis

NEWSLETTER for May 28, 2015




















Guest Editors:


Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa


Daniele Marinazzo


Dezhong Yao


Jorge J. Riera


Laura Astolfi




This issue will examine the basis and controversial issues of Electrophysiological Source Imaging (ESI), inspired on the workshop on the same topic.


ESI has become acknowledged as one of the modalities of Neuroimaging, yet there remains heated debate about the physical, physiological basis of this technique as well as about the best ways to obtain tomographic images of activation and connectivity. This issue will contribute to resolve some of these issues and perhaps ignite others.


The Issue will consist of:


a)       An editorial summarizing the state of the field and an overview of the contributed papers.


b)       A paper describing the materials and methods of the data that is common to all the workshop and that will become public domain


c)       A series of papers on the topic of the workshop. These will, at a minimum, analyze the simulations and at least one experimental dataset


d)       When appropriate some papers will have comments and commentaries as decided by the editors.


Manuscripts will accepted for review from authors that:


·         Have registered at


·         From registrants who have analyzed at least the simulated data set and one real data set.


Final deadline 20th December 2015 for submission.


Papers will be published online as soon as they are accepted.


For information about the website contact the organizers at

The special editors













Dezhong Yao, NIL  UESTC















Daniele Marinazzo, Gent University














Pedro A. Valdes Sosa, CNEURO















Jorge J. Riera, Florida International University













Laura Astolfi, Sapienza University, Rome



Call for Papers

Brain Topography will be publishing a Special Issue on “Controversies in EEG Source Analysis” in early 2016. Submissions for the Special Issue will be accepted until 1 September 2015. Please submit electronically at or directly at .

When you submit, you will be asked to “Select an Article Type”: please be sure to choose here “S.I.: Controversies in EEG Source Analysis”.  

You will then be asked to provide the title of your paper. When you do this, please add in parentheses after the title either “(Review)” or “(Original Article)”. This is crucial for proper classification. For instance, as imaginary title “EEG Source Analysis (Review)”. And please make sure that this parenthetical remark is removed before the paper is published!


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