Our lab's new paper is published on frontiers in Neuroscience


     Our lab's new paper is published on frontiers in Neuroscience on August 18th. The title of the paper is 'Incorporating priors for EEG source imaging and connectivity analysis' and authors are Xu Lei, TaoyuWu and PedroA.Valdes-Sosa.

      This paper introduces that Electroencephalography source imaging(ESI) is a useful technique to localize the generators from a given scalp electric measurement and to investigate the temporal dynamics of the large-scale neural circuits . By introducing reasonable priors from other modalities , ESI reveals the most probable sources and communication structures at every moment in time.Here,we review the available priors from such techniques as magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) , functional MRI(fMRI) , and positron emission tomography(PET) . The modality’s specific contribution is analyzed from the perspective of source reconstruction. For spatial priors,EEG-correlated fMRI , temporally coherent networks(TCNs) and resting-state fMRI are systematically introduced in the ESI.More over,the fiber tracking(diffusion tensor imaging, DTI)and neuro-stimulation techniques (transcranial magnetic stimulation ,TMS) are also introduced as the potential priors, which can help to draw inferences about the neuroelectric connectivity in the source space. We conclude that combining EEG source imaging with other complementary modalities is a promising approach toward the study of brain networks in cognitive and clinical neurosciences.


       paper link:http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnins.2015.00284/abstract



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