New papers about Cuba science were published on PNAS and Science


     On 2015,new papers about Cuba science were published on PNAS and Science.The title of the first paper is'Opinion: Advancing neuroscience interactions with Cuba' and authors are Mark Steven Cohen, Steven A. Hillyard, Janina R. Galler,etc.

      This paper introduces that On December 17, 2014, US President Barack Obama announced historic actions toward normalizing United States relations with Cuba, and instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to re-establish diplomatic interactions between the two countries, so as “to reach for a better future for the Cuban people, for the American people, for our entire hemisphere, and for the world.”* On April 11, Obama and Raul Castro held an historic meeting.

      Much of the current discussion concerning the new relationship between the two countries is centered on resolving five decades of political and diplomatic differences, and we strongly encourage this political rethink. However, there is more to this new openness than simply enabling American-owned businesses to establish themselves along Havana’s seaside Malécon esplanade, or allowing United States tourists to once again enjoy the beautiful Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena. Establishing a new basis for United States scientific relations with Cuba is of utmost importance as relations warm. Forging more frequent and in-depth scientific dialogue would help to accelerate the process of normalization beyond political differences. Our trip to Cuba in October of last year, as part of an invited science delegation, points to a multitude of ways that open scientific exchange could benefit the science communities, particularly the neuroscience communities, in both nations.

      Building on sentiments expressed even before Obama’s recent announcement (1), we feel strongly that the United States should normalize scientific relationships with Cuba. Our Cuban colleagues have been leading contributors to the international scientific community, yet we as US scientists,


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